The virtuous circle

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Why is it that some people who seem to have everything going for them never reach their full potential while others who were born in adverse circumstances reach every goal they set their minds on?

The answer to this question will be found in The Virtuous Circle, a best-selling new book by 3-time EMMY winner Gaby Natale that explores the beliefs and habits of those who achieve extraordinary results in times of uncertainty.

After ten years of doing interviews with overachievers for her TV show SuperLatina, the author starts from a provocative premise: talent and fortune cannot predict success. Furthermore, Natale elaborates that people who achieve their dreams have managed to develop a particular skill that can be learned: they are able to see beyond the boundaries of their immediate circumstances.

What follows is a 7-step roadmap that has become not only an instant best-seller but also one of the most thought-provoking books in its genre.