empowering underrepresented audiences to pioneer

Gaby’s speeches are action-oriented, full of useful advice for entrepreneurs and examples of how to turn ideas into action.

Leveraging her experience as a published author, Gaby’s speeches expand on the concepts outlined in her best-selling books.

Outstanding production values are a fixture of Gaby’s multimedia speeches, thanks to her multi EMMY-winning team of content creators. 


the experience

Gaby has shared her inspirational message in Fortune 500 corporations, the United Nations and in her own TEDx talk encouraging underrepresented minorities to pioneer and be what they cannot (yet) see in the world.

Her speeches are audience-focused and include examples + action plans tailored to the audience’s sensibilities and skill sets.



The Virtuous Circle is a talk based on a very provocative premise: talent or connections do not guarantee a path to success. What is it, then, that sets top achievers apart from everybody else? Looking for an answer, the author has created a system of 7 immanent archetypes that, once activated, create a clear path to achievement.

This talk is based on decades of interviews with super achievers and underdogs from all walks of life (from Carlos Santana to Deepak Chopra!). By discovering The Virtuous Circle audiences learn how to channeled their innate strengths and abilities to best work for them.

 The Virtuous Circle will teach audiences to:

  • Identify and cultivate their own potential for greatness
  • Develop an action plan, step by step, in order to make their vision come true
  • Understand what skills they must develop to achieve extraordinary results
  • Convert enthusiasm into fuel so that they can overcome adversity
  • Develop a sense of purpose to become an agent of positive change

This is a talk for dreamers, the rebels at heart who see beyond the circumstances surrounding them, those who suspect that something wonderful is waiting for them, but they have not yet dared to take that first step that will take them to their new destiny


A talk that will invite you to embrace your uniqueness, break barriers and redefine what is possible.

Mixing research, heartfelt stories and humor, Gaby Natale reminds us that every time we pioneer, we move the world forward. She challenges audiences to “take a leap of faith, step into the unknown and dare to be first.”

And she embodies what she preaches.

As the first Latina author to be published by HarperCollins’ Leadership division, the first Hispanic woman to win 3 Daytime EMMYs back-to-back (as host and executive producer of her own show) and one of the few foreign-born writers to narrate their audiobook in English, Gaby has had her own share of being “the first like her” in many boardrooms, stages, and business meetings.

And now she is encouraging audiences from all walks of life to Pioneer… and be what they cannot (yet) see in the world.

Pioneer Key takeaways:

  • The difference between the EMULATOR mindset and the PIONEER spirit
  • How individuals and organizations can turn discomfort into a wake-up call for transformational leadership and personal growth
  • Self-discovery tools to identify strengths and roadblocks
  • Turning enthusiasm into fuel to overcome adversity
  • From individual goal-setting to collective wellbeing: how pioneers drive change for social good
  • Simple, sequential and practical steps to turn vision into action

Using a combination of self-discovery techniques, storytelling from the speaker’s improbable journey to success and self-deprecating humor, Pioneer challenges stereotypes and delivers a timely message of empowerment through action at a moment of accelerating change in workplaces, personal relationships, government, and media.



As the first Latina to win 3 Daytime EMMYs back-to-back (as host and executive producer of her own show) and one of the few foreign-born writers to narrate their audiobook in English, Gaby has had her own share of being the first like her in many boardrooms, stages, and business meetings.

To her long list of accomplishments, Gaby added a new chapter with the release of The Virtuous Circle . The book became the first title written by a Latina author that was published by the leadership division of HarperCollins.

Gaby natale